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Rising Starseeds Circle

Rising Starseeds Circle is a portal into igniting the infinite potential within you and elevating your life to new heights, where together we embark on a transformative journey together, nurturing growth and embracing our unique essence.

Join us in a sacred space where like-minded souls gather to explore the depths of their being, uncover hidden talents, and awaken to their true purpose.

In the Rising Starseeds Circle, you will:

Activate Your Inner Light: Awaken the dormant potential within you and shine brightly in alignment with your true essence.

Unlock Your Gifts: Tap into your unique talents, intuitive abilities, and spiritual gifts, and learn to harness them for personal and collective evolution.

Navigate Your Spiritual Path: Receive guidance, tools, and practices to navigate your spiritual journey with clarity, confidence, and grace.

Forge Deep Connections: Connect with kindred spirits, share experiences, and grow in a supportive and nurturing community that celebrates your authenticity.

Manifest Your Dreams: Learn practical techniques to manifest your desires, co-create with the universe, and step into the abundant flow of life.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your spiritual path or seeking to deepen your connection, the Rising Starseeds Circle offers a safe and inclusive space for growth and transformation.

Together, we’ll rise as luminous beings, illuminating the world with our unique brilliance.

Are you ready to step into your power and shine as the radiant star you are?

Apply to the Rising Starseeds Circle today and let your journey of transformation begin!

The total investment in this program is $555


Testimony from Meghan:

I had been deeply desiring a community of like-minded women to connect with and this invitation to join the Starseed Circle was divinely timed. During our time together, I was able to express where I felt my limitations were holding me back and I felt supported & guided to take back my energy and power. I felt emboldened to put into action a plan to take care of myself daily and to recognize the empath in me that needs to release others' energies. Lana's gentle nurturance creates such a welcoming and supportive environment; I am so grateful to have joined this round and look forward to doing so again in the future! 

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